Thursday, January 17, 2019

Succinct, Hard-Rocking New Guide Gears Up Leaders to Speak with Passion

Nigel Barlow’s latest version of ‘Rock Your Presentation: A New Guide to Speaking with Passion’ provides readers with all of the amperages they need...

Rillea Technologies Releases Version 2.0 of SDS RiskAssist™

Rillea Technologies continues to disrupt how people use WHMIS with the release of version 2.0 of its award winning SDS Management Web Application - SDS RiskAssist™.
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Four Ways for Canadian Startups to Innovate

Four Ways for Canadian Start-Ups to Innovate Innovation can be defined as introducing something new or making significant improvements across one or more of the...

Hey!U Technology is Set to Bring Real-Time Visual Feedback to Canadian Classrooms

Canadian Classroom, distributor of educational technologies, has announced that Hey!U is now available in Canada. Hey!U is a teaching tool that facilitates communication between...

Network to globalize your business: How the Business Women in Trade (BWIT) program can...

If you’re a women-owned business looking to export, one of the best sources of knowledge you’ll ever encounter is other women who have been...

Humble Beginning Entrepreneurs

My name is Edward Anassah, and I am the Founder of Humble Beginning Entrepreneurs, Canada. The burning desire of starting HBEonline magazine or blog has been...

Here’s Why Canadians Turn to Personal Lenders Like SkyCap Financial

Why an increasing number of Canadians are turning to personal loans as a resource.

Sarah Hurley LIVE! Entrepreneur event comes to Canada!

Following record success in the UK and USA, Sarah Hurley LIVE!, the one day event for Creative Entrepreneurs, will open in Canada with two dates, in Toronto and Vancouver. Sarah will be talking openly about her journey from her last $50 to a seven figure global brand in 5 years and how you too can create your own success!

4 signs your company should consider selling internationally

Thanks to modern technology, having a global reach is no longer reserved for the well-heeled, big brands. In fact, any company with a creative...

National non-profit pivots to educating the leaders of today

London, Ontario based, Twelve Canada is building something rather refreshing in a space seen as archaic and slow moving. The new startup initiative lead by Executive Director, Zach Anderson and Director of Academic Development, Marc Langlois Ph.D. is moving into professional and community education with the introduction of Academy Twelve. The group's mission is to give tools and resources to community change makers, leaders and professionals who are looking to develop new methodologies within their own organizations in terms of operational efficiency, community impact, and team building.

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Canada’s Chief Information Officer Receives 2018 Startup Canada’s Policy Prize

Ottawa, ON - November 19th, 2018 | On November 13th, Startup Canada, the national rallying community and voice for Canadian entrepreneurs, hosted the Canadian...

Microsoft presents: Embracing artificial intelligence

By Microsoft Canada If you’re looking for a way to speed things up in your business, the answer could be intelligent technology, also known as...

W. Brett Wilson – A Celebrated Entrepreneur, Investor and Philanthropist

Brett Wilson | Winner of the 2018 National Startup Canada Lifetime Achievement Award “Entrepreneurs believe in themselves and the rights and dignity of others...

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