Saturday, August 18, 2018

ThinkHatch honoured at Startup Canada Awards in first year of operation

Toronto-based strategic marketing communications agency ThinkHatch took home an honourable mention for the Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2018 Startup Canada Awards. Handed out in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., the award show recognizes companies and individuals driving impact and demonstrating excellence in Canada’s entrepreneurship and innovation community.

London-based platform reinvents the way you get funding and collaborate

WordLabs’ mission is simple: to empower and elevate promising initiatives. They offer access to a nurturing, digital platform that supports and connects innovators through a network of funding and collaboration opportunities. The company’s ethos is to keep entrepreneurial ideas with potential from falling by the wayside.

Sarah Hurley LIVE! Entrepreneur event comes to Canada!

Following record success in the UK and USA, Sarah Hurley LIVE!, the one day event for Creative Entrepreneurs, will open in Canada with two dates, in Toronto and Vancouver. Sarah will be talking openly about her journey from her last $50 to a seven figure global brand in 5 years and how you too can create your own success!

National non-profit pivots to educating the leaders of today

London, Ontario based, Twelve Canada is building something rather refreshing in a space seen as archaic and slow moving. The new startup initiative lead by Executive Director, Zach Anderson and Director of Academic Development, Marc Langlois Ph.D. is moving into professional and community education with the introduction of Academy Twelve. The group's mission is to give tools and resources to community change makers, leaders and professionals who are looking to develop new methodologies within their own organizations in terms of operational efficiency, community impact, and team building.

Top 5 reasons why you need to assess your employee engagement strategy

Engagement strategies have shown to be wildly successful in companies with some of the top performing employees and managing leaders in them. But other times they can be left to the wayside and deprioritized, forgetting to value the true individuals who make up the organization. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to assess your employee engagement strategy today to prevent this downward spiral from happening

Employee Benefits for Startups

Little do you know then that this basic health and dental plan will grow into a key part of your recruitment and compensation strategy and, before you have your own cafeteria, the most tangible evidence of your company culture.

Understanding & Building Relationships with your Mobile Customers

Keep up with your on-the-go audience Mobile searchers are your customers. They shop, research and buy in real time and on the move, now faster...

Microsoft Presents: 5 Keys to Better Cybersecurity

As a Canadian small business or startup, you’re far more vulnerable to cybercrimes than you might assume. This post shares five keys to better...

Microsoft Presents: Digitizing Retail, a Technology Checklist

If you run a retail business—like a storefront or shop—this guest post from Microsoft is for you! It identifies some of the activities and...

This startup helps YouTubers monetize through fan support

Worthyt's new Chrome Extension is built to help YouTubers monetize without advertising. Fans are able to directly engage by clicking the Worthyt Appreciation buttons at the bottom of every YouTube video, which sends as little as ten cents that goes towards supporting content creators and the YouTube platform.

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