Friday, May 25, 2018
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Canadian Technology Accelerators (CTAs), a program of the Global Affairs Canada (GAC) Trade Commissioner Service, is recruiting top Canadian companies for three U.S. cohorts for Spring 2018.

Going Global: Canadian Tech Opportunities in the U.S.A.

The Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) program is currently accepting applicants for it’s 2018 Spring Cohort. Canadian technology companies that fit the criteria can apply...

Boston’s Call to Canadian Tech Companies

It makes sense why companies like ExpertFile were able to thrive in a place like Boston. Boston is an information and communications hub with...

Canadians in Silicon Valley: The AI Opportunity

Technology to Silicon Valley is like maple syrup to a Canadian. It’s inherent to the identity; a basic common denominator that connects people from...

Silicon ‘Alley’ Stardom: Canada’s Digital Tech Opportunity

The immensity of the world-famous New York City skyscrapers can be comparable to that of its tech scene. Consisting of 291,000 jobs, more than...

Canadian Tech Accelerators Recruiting World-Class Companies for U.S. Program

Canadian Technology Accelerators (CTAs), a program of the Global Affairs Canada (GAC) Trade Commissioner Service, is making it easier for Canadian companies to grow...

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Microsoft Presents: 5 Keys to Better Cybersecurity

As a Canadian small business or startup, you’re far more vulnerable to cybercrimes than you might assume. This post shares five keys to better...

Brüha launches new Promoter platform to bring event promoting to the 21st century

Toronto, May 1st, 2018 – Local event technology startup Brüha launches Promoter, the world’s first solution that connects event organizers to local event promoters...

Employee Benefits for Startups

Little do you know then that this basic health and dental plan will grow into a key part of your recruitment and compensation strategy and, before you have your own cafeteria, the most tangible evidence of your company culture.

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