Saturday, October 21, 2017

Seniorpreneurs Have Advantage Over the Young When Seeking Financing

By WENDY MAYHEW | PIVOT Magazine Contributor It is difficult to start a business without any money but it is strongly encouraged to bootstrap your...

Crowdfunding in Canada: Is Your Startup Ready?

By JOHN WIRES | PIVOT Magazine Contributor  Riding the Crowdfunding Wave The equity crowdfunding wave keeps getting bigger. Regulators all over the world have scrambled to...

Social Finance Not Ready For Primetime

By DARRELL KOPKE | PIVOT Magazine Contributor I live in the chasm between activism and capitalism. On one day I may be attending...

Disrupting the Angels of Social Enterprise: Update on Change Heroes

By LEAH DEVELLIS | PIVOT MAGAZINE MANAGER Change Heroes is a social enterprise that has transformed the way people can raise money and change the world. The model is...

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LaunchPad PEI Start-Up is Building an Innovative Music Production Solution in Charlottetown

SONGCAT MUSIC INC. IS STAFFING THEIR CHAROLLETOWN OFFICE, CLOSES SEED INVESTMENT Founded in 2015 with a striking recordof completing more than 650 projects, the business is already operating in the U.S. The PrinceEdward Island office will focus on building new technology, which will make professional musicproduction more accessible to songwriters and other musicians regardless of location or financial status.

The Great Debate on MBAs for Entrepreneurs

BY CHRIS EBEN | PARTNER AT THE WORKING GROUP Should you do an MBA? There’s a ton of debate happening in the startup space right now...

The Most Important Game Changers

BY ANNE TONER FUNG | ANNE TONER FUNG CONSULTING As a startup founder, you may be hoping that your technology contains the seeds of disruptive...

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