Top 10 global risks facing Canadian companies

Person sitting on a cliff

As any exporter knows, doing business in international markets always comes with risks. The hazards can range in scale from an economic crisis in a country where you’re operating, down to a company-level shock like the cancellation of a big foreign contract.

Risk levels are fairly low in stable markets such as the United States and much of Europe, while in developing economies they tend to be higher. Even in relatively safe markets, though, it’s prudent to monitor your risk exposure, simply as a matter of good business practice. And if you’re planning to enter a new overseas market, your preparations should always include a careful review of the types of risk you’re likely to face.

“At the global level,” says EDC Economist Andrea Gardella, “some kinds of risk are more common and potentially more severe than others. My top list would include the following hazards, roughly in order of importance.”

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