Humble Beginning Entrepreneurs

My name is Edward Anassah, and I am the Founder of Humble Beginning Entrepreneurs, Canada. The burning desire of starting HBEonline magazine or blog has been lingering around for more than ten years! The idea is to acknowledge the grassroots mama and papa stores, businesses, entrepreneurs and startups that no one knows anything about – from musicians, woodworkers, wedding planners, fashion designers, actors, actresses, farmers, artisans, stylists, etc.

HBEonline is a community where inspirational or authentic stories are shared by entrepreneurs worldwide. So far more than 100 entrepreneurs have shared their stories, challenges or hurdles, and journeys in a unique way.

I am currently working hard and collaborating with industrial partners on a new project that would enable entrepreneurs to meet up at a unique location, soon to be announced, where they can network, get acknowledged and be rewarded (awards) for their hard work in our community. #hbefestawards will be coming to a city near you soon. #hbeonlinemag |

Growing up in Ghana, I always had the inner drive and appreciation for different cultures and their social impact on society and the economy. I have always thought about how I can make a difference in Ghana and my surrounding community.

I am honored to be part of the multicultural trendsetters in my community and abroad. Throughout my travel, I concluded that it is entrepreneurship that has allowed the West to establish a superior economic system. I understood quite quickly that the West is built on the dream of substantial wealth, governing laws, technology, and entrepreneurship.

I spent most of my early years learning from local business owners, parents, strangers, Godparents, schools, sports organizations, and business executives. This has dramatically impacted my life, my career path, and my journey in a positive way – progressively. I yearn to add and extend myself beyond the glamour of sitting behind a desk or in my comfort zone, instead of finding a niche where ideas, hard work, brainstorming, teamwork, collaboration, and implementation intersect anywhere I go. Thank you to the difference makers in my life – my 15 years plus journey overseas (from Ghana to Atlanta, Miami, Huntsville, Alabama, Texas, the United Kingdom, British Columbia, Stratford, Toronto, Waterloo, London, and Cambridge, Ontario).

Please, let me hear from you if you are an entrepreneur and would like to share your journey with others around the world!! Email me: