Succinct, Hard-Rocking New Guide Gears Up Leaders to Speak with Passion

Nigel Barlow’s latest version of ‘Rock Your Presentation: A New Guide to Speaking with Passion’ provides readers with all of the amperages they need to turn their drab, snooze-worthy presentations into exciting events that will leave audiences empowered and begging for an encore. Using a catchy musical analogy throughout, Barlow’s own experience giving thousands of presentations to some of the world’s largest companies can now be deployed by anyone.

Having sat through thousands of presentations in his own career as a speaker, Nigel Barlow carefully watches those around him, as their eyes often remain glued to their phones and the seconds tick away until they can run out of the room.

In short, he adamantly claims that traditionally-taught presentation skills simply don’t apply in today’s fast-paced, instant-gratification world.

It’s no surprise then that Barlow has taken matters into his own hands, writing ‘Rock Your Presentation: A New Guide to Speaking with Passion’.

“I actually wrote most of the book while sitting as an audience member at corporate events, and getting constant reminders of how a talk needs to be riveting, motivating and memorable – just like a legendary classic song that we never forget,” explains the author. “I started piecing together what I thought makes songs catchy and memorable, and then applied them to a presentation or pitch.”

Barlow came up with the following:

• Memorable opening bars – using this to grip your listeners at the outset.
• Catchy choruses – what’s the essential message you want them to recall?
• Powerful ‘bridges – ways of deepening the emotional impact of your talk
• Great climaxes – audiences remember first and last things, so what’s the feeling you want them to leave with?

And…like any great song, the rest was history.

Synopsis of ‘Rock Your Presentation’:

Nearly all of us have to pitch or present our ideas, whether in a formal setting after lunch to a hundred jaded salespeople, in a lecture theatre or classroom, putting over our thoughts to a team of colleagues, or even selling a concept one-on-one to your boss.

In all these situations we can choose between delivering a message that sounds like muzak, or one that wakes the listener up. Most presentations and pitches could benefit from being ‘rocked up’ – becoming more dynamic and memorable, in ways that arouse the passion of the audience. By applying the ideas in ROCK YOUR PRESENTATION you can deliver better, livelier and more emotionally engaging talks which leave audiences with the kind of high you get from being in a crowd at a great concert.

Barlow applies the rock’n’roll metaphor throughout the book, turning what, to many, is a stressful subject into an exciting and fun exercise you can’t wait to try out. So take the Van Halen approach to plan your presentation, deliver it like a hit song with a chorus and a bridge, play a few well-rehearsed power chords and set your audience ablaze.

“The best thing is you don’t need to be interested in music to apply the techniques in the book; you’ll still be able to bring your material to life for any audience, tell unforgettable stories and express yourself in a way no other speaker does. These are the “power chords” of speaking, and they’ll bring the house down. In today’s digital world, we all mildly suffer from ADHD – but I’ll help you make sure your signals cut through the noise, and you leave a lasting impression!”

The new Mass Market edition of ‘Rock Your Presentation – a New Guide to Speaking with Passion’, is due for release on August 2nd, 2018.

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About the Author:

Nigel Barlow has made a successful living for several decades giving thousands of speeches to many of the world’s most famous companies: Apple, Danone, GSK, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and Vodafone are typical clients. He was a founding director of the Tom Peters company in Europe and currently runs his own company. Until recently he was also an Associate Fellow at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School.