Rillea Technologies Releases Version 2.0 of SDS RiskAssist™

Rillea Technologies continues to disrupt how people use WHMIS with the release of version 2.0 of its award winning SDS Management Web Application – SDS RiskAssist™. This revolutionary app was recently awarded a 2018 Readers’ Choice Award from Canadian Occupational Safety magazine.

Version 2.0 makes it even faster and easier to organize, access and utilize safety data sheets with a comprehensive, cost-effective digital solution. Helping employers with risk assessments and making chemical-specific training easy for employees.

New features include one-click access to hazards and being able to provide usage instructions to multiple products with a single click. For example, tagging all the corrosive materials that require the same gloves for handling.

“Since releasing our web app last August, the response of our early adopters to SDS RiskAssist™ has been wonderful,” said Lisa Hallsworth, CEO and co-founder of Rillea Technologies and one of the Wise Award Winners at last year’s Startup Canada Day on the Hill.

“Most organizations struggle with the herculean task associated with responsible chemicals management. SDS RiskAssist™ lightens this task by automating the hazard identification process. This allows organizations to prioritize their safety activities, ensuring risk assessments are conducted for the most hazardous chemicals first. Version 2.0 allows them to quickly tag chemicals with company directives, and get handling information into the hands of employees.

Safety-conscious companies know that most employees can’t easily make sense of the lengthy, technical safety data sheets. The fact is employees look to employers to give them clear, simple and easy-to-access instructions to handle chemicals safely.”

Hallsworth, together with her co-founder and husband Rob Hallsworth, combined their deep experience in the chemical manufacturing business with support from Canadian incubators such as Innovation Park and Innovation Guelph, to start Rillea Technologies and develop SDS RiskAssist™.

SDS RiskAssist™ organizes all data sheets in a dedicated e-binder and provides secure, cloud-based access across desktop and all mobile devices to:

  • Quickly assess and mitigate risk (instantly lists hazards and exposure limits)
  • Simplify handling – add your safety instructions for handling, storage and use and share information and work instructions, such as personal protective equipment (PPE), with all employees
  • Track compliance for WHMIS 2015, designated substances and exposure limits.

SDS RiskAssist™ helps prevent occupational illness by giving employees consistent mobile-friendly summaries when and where they need them. With three million Canadians exposed to carcinogens in the workplace every year getting simple, clear information into their hands is critical. In addition, the app helps employers comply with the December 1, 2018 deadline for bringing all safety data sheets up to date to the new WHMIS standard.

See What an SDS RiskAssist™ One- Page Summary Looks Like

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