Hey!U Technology is Set to Bring Real-Time Visual Feedback to Canadian Classrooms

Canadian Classroom, distributor of educational technologies, has announced that Hey!U is now available in Canada. Hey!U is a teaching tool that facilitates communication between teachers and class via an external LED panel that connects to students’ laptop, tablet or mobile device. This award winning gadget allows each student to express their feedback in real time and gives teachers instant information on whether students have understood lessons or are on the correct application. It also lets students express how they feel about a lesson and answer yes/no or multiple choice questions.

With the Hey!U, teachers don’t need to do anything drastically different in their instruction, nor do they have to use any other applications to use the system. Hey!U simply plugs into a student’s device after which the Hey!edu application’s interface allows them to choose how they want to respond to their teacher’s questions. These responses are then displayed on their device’s LED panels for the teacher to see.

Coming from a family of educators, Hey!U’s creator Miguel Garcia’s exposure to issues that teachers face in the classroom eventually sparked his idea for the system. His outsider’s perspective allowed him to develop and patent a system for enhanced teaching that nobody else had yet created. He saw the need of the teachers to get better assess in real time whether or not students understand the subject matter and exactly how much assistance learners need.

“We see it all around the world, Hey!U makes teachers happy. They really benefit from the immediate feedback,” says Garcia. “And the app detector which show icons of applications students are using is great for even non-tech savvy teachers with a class full of devices,” he continues.

Hey!U’s response options range from Comprehension Mode which give students the ability to select between red, yellow options in a traffic light system to show whether or not they have understood a lesson; Answer Mode where students can respond to teacher’s questions with yes/no, multiple choice and free-text answers; and Feedback Mode which allows learners to express how they feel about a lesson either through an emoji-based evaluation or numerical scale evaluation. Aside from these feedback options, the Hey!U also has an application monitoring feature that pops up on the student’s LED screen whenever their device shifts from the Hey!edu software – allowing teachers to know exactly what their students are doing at any given time.

Engagement through debate and group work is an expected part of the interactive learning experience. However, research has shown that many students avoid taking part in these types of interactions. Students may be too shy to express themselves in an open forum—fewer than 30% of students account for more than 80% of interactions in most classes.

Teachers often try to gauge student understanding of the material presented so far before moving on to new topics. Although this is clearly desirable from a teaching perspective, it also often fails because many students don’t want to publicly acknowledge their lack of understanding. As a consequence, students who don’t ask questions immediately are at risk of losing valuable information, especially if the lesson is about foundational topics that will determine how they understand future lessons – Hey!U aims to solve this problem.

Johanna Garcia, founder of Canadian Classroom says, “We know that it can be difficult for some children to raise their hands and their concerns in lessons. And we saw that Hey!U could help create a more transparent classroom setting by allowing each student to have a voice and give teachers much-needed information about their students in real time. It is also great for special needs children as it can be used to help them interact with the class.” She continues, “We’re very pleased to be the distributor for the Canada of Hey!U i and hope that many classrooms will adopt and benefit from this technology.”

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About Canadian Classroom: Founded in 1999, Canadian Classroom offers educational technologies that make it easier for today’s youth to acquire fundamental STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills to prepare them for professions of the future. Canadian Classroom’s mission is to bring teachers and students the newest educational tools to improve their teaching and learning experience.