Workplace Wellness Benefits

    What does your company offer its female employees, postpartum?

    Taking a look at employee benefits offered within most MSME to Large Corporates’ remuneration packages and you’ll struggle to find something bespoke for the female employee, postpartum.

    No, I’m not referring to maternity leave (that’s in her contract of employment), or her right to return to work in a similar/same role (that’s also in her contract of employment). I’m not referring to her maternity leave salary payments either. Moving from her health insurance, medical care and then finally to her life insurance, I still don’t find any companies offering bespoke postpartum programmes.

    In the new era of “workplace wellness,” companies are recognizing that the best way to attract and, crucially, retain quality employees is to offer a “pick-and-mix” platform of benefits. Allowing the employee to choose a benefit that suits their lifestyle and needs and can be added as and when required.

    This new concept is a great way to attract top talent to your team, by offering them exactly what matters to them. A gym bunny may take your offer of employment over another not down to your in-house fitness room (it’s rather basic!) but because you’ve teamed up with the local body-building, all singing-all dancing, fitness center five minutes walk from the office, to offer a huge discount on annual memberships. Likewise, another employee treasures a weekly massage and places your deal with the best salon in town with a gold star.

    Simple strategy and very easy to put in place.

    But going back to the female employee who is now on maternity leave. The gym membership is great, but there are no postpartum fitness classes on the timetable, the personal trainers in the gym aren’t certified to train postpartum clients, and there is no onsite creche facility for the baby.

    When most governments are putting measures in place to encourage the return of the “mom” to the workplace, and striving to gain female executives at board level positions, there is a clear need to support these new moms whilst they are on maternity leave and once they return to the workplace.

    The support a new mom needs, include:

    • correct postpartum fitness options – exercises that suit and aide a postpartum body
    • fitness that can be accessed online – can be done from anywhere, at any time
    • experts on hand to help them with any fitness issues, including correcting poor training technique
    • access to support and encouragement – they do not wish to feel isolated but included
    • clear and concise food and nutrition advice that works as they breastfeed and when they decide to stop
    • strategies for: fitness; goal setting in the short-term maternity leave period; goal setting once they return to work
    • support and clear guidance on how to combine a high-performing role with family life
    • quick and easy workouts that can be done whilst on their lunch break, in the local park, or in the hotel room on a business trip

    Many fitness companies (online) offer fitness videos, live-streaming, and apps with workouts already pre-loaded, but most are not designed with the postpartum body in mind.

    Fit Mama is designed to help you thrive, fully supported

    Fit Mama was initially created as a fitness class for new moms on their maternity leave. Following eight years of studying and working with women (pre, antenatal and postpartum), Fit Mama evolved and became not only a B2C service but also a B2B workplace wellness solution.

    Fit Mama offers two workplace wellness solutions:

    1. White-label online programmes – designed in collaboration with the company, this is a completely bespoke service from visual design through to corporate tone and communications. Access to all Fit Mama services (personal training and coaching online), the employee does not pay for a single thing. The employer covers the payment via a Fit Mama Business Licence, allowing them to pay for the exact range of employees using the service. This can be changed every month if required. Extremely versatile and flexible.
    2. Fit Mama branded programmes – led and delivered directly from Fit Mama HQ, the employee learns about the Fit Mama services via internal communications/workplace wellness marketplace. The employee purchases directly from Fit Mama HQ at a “corporate rate”. This allows the employee to be fully in charge of her needs and to buy a number of complementary services offered by Fit Mama, perhaps more than her employer would have offered. Flexible and options to take the client from 6-weeks postpartum through to “next stage” fitness.

    By standing out as an employer who can offer something specific to their pregnant employees, will put you ahead of the competition. Working alongside the Fit Mama business team you can create something that is cost-managed and premium based – allowing a clear distinction of benefits for “every member of staff” through to “premium management team” benefits. There really is plenty to create within the spectrum of “postpartum” wellness.

    Fit Mama is unique in that it offers a holistic approach to coaching. Not relying on fitness alone, Fit Mama has worked closely with hundreds of new moms to develop coaching across the areas of fitness (exercise and workouts), health (diet and nutrition), and vitality (goal setting, habits, mental health awareness, post-natal depression). Offering specialists in the industry via an online platform, Fit Mama is able to be your employee’s number one resource for postpartum care.

    To book a Fit Mama Business consultation please contact the team: or via the website

    Fit Mama was originally founded by Michelle Caira, CEO, Head Coach and mom, in 2010. Taking the concept into the corporate world is Michelle’s way of ensuring that new moms, globally, can be motivated and encouraged during the very difficult time of maternity leave.

    I’ve had the privilege of working closely with some of the most amazing and high-performing women in the world. The majority were on maternity leave for around 6 months and during that time we worked on key fitness and health strategies that allowed them to recognise and formulate trusted systems that worked during their time away from the office, but also how to pivot them to work when they returned.

    A working mom does not need any further “guilt” on her shoulders and, believe it or not, “fitting in” a fitness session often leaves these moms feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

    Knowing they had a strategy in place – whether that be a lunchtime workout, a quick-session in the morning, or a blast after work – she knows what can and will work for her and her schedule.

    This “client” was my inspiration for creating the Fit Mama Workplace Wellness Business Licence. I want new moms to be their very best versions – without burnout, stress, anxiety or overwhelm.

    I believe that every business, no matter the size, should offer a bespoke wellness solution for their postpartum colleagues. Seems like a no-brainer actually.

    Michelle Caira, CEO & Founder, Fit Mama

    Michelle Caira is CEO and Founder of Fit Mama, Master Personal Trainer, and mom. To connect directly with Michelle please contact her via her Linked In profile.