This startup helps YouTubers monetize through fan support

Worthyt’s new Chrome Extension is built to integrate with social media websites all around the Internet, including YouTube. The unique extension adds a button next to content that can help content creators better monetize without depending on advertising.

More Monetization for YouTube Creators

On YouTube, a Worthyt Appreciation button appears below each video. By clicking on it, viewers are able to send as little as ten cents, which goes towards supporting YouTube and its content creators.

Unlike with YouTube Account Monetization, earning support through Worthyt buttons does not require a minimum subscriber count or video view count; any content creator can get started by signing up for Worthyt and asking their viewers to download the extension (see link below).

Beyond YouTube

Currently, the extension adds buttons on YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Wikipedia, and Hacker News, allowing YouTubers to monetize with Worthyt on different social media platforms that traditionally do not offer content monetization. Users are able to send support to Reddit posts, Twitter Tweets, and other pieces of content they view all over the Internet.

For platforms, this is also good news. A portion of each user contribution is shared with the platform that the specific content was appreciated on, which helps the platform monetize, too. In other words, user support helps sustain the content creators and power the platforms.

Extension support for websites continues to expand; Worthyt intends to launch integration into other large social media platforms, allowing users to support even more content in the coming months. Users are able to request social media platform integration as well, which is taken into account. To submit a request, just email with the subject line “Integration Request.”

The Future of Monetization on the Internet

Worthyt recognizes the potential threat of advertising encroaching on the overall user experience of the Internet. With the intention of monetization through advertisement, emphasis on product placement, clickbait, and views are often prioritized over content quality at the expense of the user. Data collection and reselling also impacts user trust with the platform and Internet as a whole, leading to doubt and privacy violations.

Through direct fan support, Worthyt hopes to move Internet content in the right direction–a direction that leads to less dependence on advertising and privacy intrusion.

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