London-based platform reinvents the way you get funding and collaborate

London-based platform reinvents the way you get funding and collaborate

Why WorldLabs are offering £50,000 non-dilutive funding to support aspiring entrepreneurs from around the globe.

WordLabs’ mission is simple: to empower and elevate promising initiatives. They offer access to a nurturing, digital platform that supports and connects innovators through a network of funding and collaboration opportunities. The company’s ethos is to keep entrepreneurial ideas with potential from falling by the wayside.

Being an entrepreneur is no easy job

We all know too well how difficult it can be to transform new concepts from theory into practice: connecting with the right people, having funds in place, finding time as well as maintaining confidence and motivation. It is no wonder that so many initiatives remain unfulfilled. WorldLabs is challenging this by integrating fundraising, crowdsourcing, and social networking to streamline the job of an entrepreneur and to empower and connect innovators.

What’s all the hype about?

Thousands of people have already signed up to WorldLabs to be scouted by investors on the platform. You can create an account to showcase your project and upload a pitch video and apply to multiple competitions and challenges.

Who has the chance to walk away with the prize?

The ‘Elevating Ideas’ competition awards £50,000 non-dilutive funding to start-ups and innovative ideas across all fields to elevate the next generation of entrepreneurs. It’s aimed at anyone who can showcase their initiative and prove that it’s promising and sustainable. Applicants are not judged on the level of experience but on growth potential, scalability, and feasibility. And, most importantly, WorldLabs does not take any ownership of your idea.

When should you sign up and apply?

Early applications are encouraged, as projects are selected on a rolling basis, and investors and collaborators may get in touch with applicants at any point.

Confidentiality is key but too much will crush you

Nobody wants their ideas to be stolen. At the same time, Entrepreneurship 101 teaches us that if we keep our idea to ourselves it will never grow.  Only by discussing our idea with others can we receive the necessary feedback, advice and help to take it to another level.

WorldLabs encourages applicants to share enough information so that others may discover and contact them should they wish to start a conversation to learn more, collaborate or invest in them. All confidential information can be mentioned in a separate questionnaire only seen by the judges.

Startup and pitch event

To celebrate the end of the competition in full glory, WorldLabs are hosting an event in London on October 6th2018. It will welcome 600+ entrepreneurs and investors, and over 50+ start-ups exhibiting. The top 10 teams shortlisted from the competition will be invited to pitch in front of a live audience and judges. The winner will be announced on the same day. The event will give entrepreneurs from all fields exposure to investment opportunities, mentors, and industry influencers.

Applications are open. To find out more, visit WorldLabs and their competition here.