Eco Eats activates stop food waste campaign

Eco Eats is launching a new Vancouver Food App for the best deal: to improve access to healthy and affordable foods while contributing to achieve the Zero Waste City in Vancouver by 2020. Eco Eats app announces food reaching its best-before-date so food goes to people and not to waste.

The idea was developed from Jennae Gedeon’s aspiration to make a solid impact in the community. In 2016 she established Eco Eats vision after doing research and early customer discovery through Youth BIIS program. Since then several accomplishments have been made including: a notable team, over 96 partners, prototype, MVP and a feature in BC Business Magazine as B.C.’s Best and Brightest Innovative Top 50 Companies to look out for.

This summer more than 20,000 participants are expected to join a music festival highlighting a food movement around connecting food and communities. Their involvement came from a City of Vancouver Park Board Sponsorship from an active food group that supports local grassroot causes. And Nightengale films an award winning film company is taking footage of the event that’s being used for Eco Eats landing page to help educate and inform people about the #EveryoneEats campaign.

Under Vancouver Greenest City Action Plan. Eco Eats fits the Zero Waste, Green Economy and Local Food Action Plan for the City 2020 goals and objectives. Vancouver’s Food Economy has several different layers of food security activities. From local neighborhood food networks, small action food projects to independent non-profit delivery services dropping off unsold food to charities. And Eco Eats acts as a hub to bridge missed connections and compliment existing relationships with  the Food Donations Act all assorted food donations are protected under the Government of Canada Legislation.  

Canadians are among the greatest food wasters in the world. But ever since the National Zero Waste Council unveiled its National Food Waste Reduction Strategy in which the council targeted an annual 50% food waste reduction by 2030, there’s been a lot of talk in the media about government policy and shifting consumer behavior, including changing our approach to “best before” labeling in Canada to reduce food wastage, marketing visually imperfect food at a discount, and harmonizing rules on food donations and food waste.

One of the pillar for food waste reduction is tech innovation, an area where BC’s burgeoning tech industry has taken the lead. Some of the emerging Vancouver-based apps and technologies being pioneered that are trying to help reduce waste include Vancouver-based Eco Eats App. You can access their new demo today by joining the #EveryoneEats campaign.