A Canadian-built blockchain scaling through partnerships

Finaeos, a Victoria-based technology company providing authentication solutions for compliance-based industries, is garnering international attention following participation in the Canadian Trade Accelerator Boston. “We saw the blockchain shift emerging, so we built for the future,” said Tim Vasko, Founder and CEO of Finaeos and BlockCerts International, who was recently listed as one of North America’s top ten 2018 thought leaders by Entrepreneur.com.

From a stand-alone solution to a blockchain

In 2014, Tim launched Finaeos as a stand-alone authentication product. He decided to apply for the CTA Silicon Valley program for a soft landing into the thriving tech mecca. “When I was in the Valley, I began learning about Bitcoin and exploring blockchain technology,” said Tim. “Participating in the CTA program at that time, propelled me to convert my platform from a stand-alone program, into a blockchain platform.”

When ready to build-out a blockchain with Finaeos as its foundations, Tim embarked on his second CTA experience in Boston, where he connected with world-leading experts and forged partnerships to scale. “Once in Boston, we had the opportunity to work with Michael Brodie, a leading expert in AI and data at MIT, complete our MIT fintech certification, and launch a major partnership with Microsoft to build on Azure, enabling us to go global.” Tim credits his partnership with Microsoft for the accelerated growth of his blockchain. 

A one-mile ecosystem with $20 billion a year investment 

According to Tim, the CTA program creates an essential bridge for Canadian companies to leverage the thriving, global Boston tech ecosystem. “The ecosystem in Boston, within which the CTA is located, is more than just a bridge to the United States, it is truly a global ecosystem,” said Tim. “All of the key players are there, with more than $20 billion a year invested into the tech and innovation community within a one-mile radius.” 

Tim used the CTA Boston network to build and launch his global blockchain Blockcerts International. “Being able to start a blockchain and begin in a market like that has been a significant achievement.”

Growing through partnerships to India and Africa 

This Spring, BlockCerts International opened its doors to the African continent and India through announcing an association with Mauritius-based Rogers Capital, the Fintech arm of the Rogers Group, a leading financial, logistics, property and hospitality company with roots dating back to 1899.

“This is an exciting step for BlockCerts. Through our operations in Mauritius and working with the team of Rogers Capital, we will be bringing new blockchain innovation and infrastructure functions, to generate new opportunities for growth, inclusion, and advantage to the African population businesses, and governments as blockchain evolves to serve the combined population 1.3 billion people.”

Partnerships a prerequisite to going global 

Tim is a proponent of leveraging partnerships to scale to global markets. “If you are an entrepreneur and you’re prepared to step out of the box and look at what the world has to offer, definitely consider the CTA,” said Tim. “Having mentors who have done what you are trying to do before and who can open doors you never could, or which would have taken you much longer, is always welcome.”

For further information and to learn about future CTA programs of the Trade Commissioner Service, contact bostn.commerce@international.gc.ca.