Startup Canada Partners with Startupfest on ‘The Inclusion Initiative’

Startup Canada Partners with Startupfest on ‘The Inclusion Initiative’

Anyone can be an entrepreneur. But not everyone has the same opportunity to turn their ideas into reality. Startupfest and Startup Canada want to change that, along with our joint partners BDC and Quickbooks, the launch of ‘The Inclusion Initiative’  — a program dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs from underserved communities to the opportunities they need and deserve by  making 1,000 tickets available to entrepreneurs who are often less represented and unable to participate in such events.

We’re reaching out to underserved communities throughout Canada to make the country’s defining startup event as inclusive as possible including, women in tech, Indigenous entrepreneurs and those in underserved communities.

Created for the bootstrapped, early-stage startups, this program allows a diverse group of entrepreneurs to attend Startupfest for just $50. The aim is to assist in building connections and generating economic opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs across all of Canada.

“Our diversity is our competitive advantage as a nation,” said Victoria Lennox, CEO of Startup Canada. “Startup Canada has been a leading champion of inclusive entrepreneurship through our network of grassroots Startup Communities and Startup Canada Awards, advocacy and policy leadership in Ottawa, and the recent launch of our Women Founders Fund for women in STEM entrepreneurship and the Pow Wow Pitch digital docu-series showcasing Indigenous entrepreneurs. This is why we are proud to partner with Startupfest to raise the entrepreneurial opportunities and ambitions of every entrepreneur.”

“Thanks to our generous partners and patrons, over the past eight years we’ve given thousands of underrepresented entrepreneurs access to the best startup resources in Canada. That includes over $500k in investments annually, unbeatable networking and world-class content,” said Philippe Telio, Startupfest founder and producer. “We’ve done great things. But we can do more. Thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs face real challenges and need the same opportunities as everyone else boost—sometimes just one pitch, introduction, or business insight—to take their project to the next level. We want to build that bridge.”

A healthy startup ecosystem includes builders, innovators, and entrepreneurs from all of Canada’s communities. Initiatives like this one help to level the playing field, giving everyone access to the remarkable connections and opportunities that Startupfest generates every year for Canada’s tech community.