Creating Hope Through Adversity

Jennifer Harper, Founder of Cheekbone Beauty
Jennifer Harper, Founder of Cheekbone Beauty

“When I took care of my struggles, Cheekbone Beauty was born.”

This week on Pow Wow Pitch, Jennifer Harper, Founder of Cheekbone Beauty shines as a rising star, providing high-quality, ethically-sourced and made-in-Canada cosmetics that invest profits in First Nations communities.

“Lots of people say, it’s crazy or why would you get into the cosmetics industry, said Jennifer. “Although it’s extremely competitive, I believe that when you create something out of love and passion, other people will support you.

Motivated by the lasting words of her brother to push through all obstacles, Jennifer is inspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs to dig deep.

“I want any Indigenous young lady in a school on or off of a reserve to see that we can create a business we love, and we can do something always to help our community regardless of our circumstance.”

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