Two Entrepreneurs are Revolutionizing Cycling Apparel

Leveraging technology to make riders safer, day and night

Urban Circus is not your regular cycling jacket. It is designed to combine style, durability, and security. Compared to what is currently available on the market, Urban Circus offers cutting-edge features and high-quality fabrics to ensure comfort and usability.

In October 2015, Quentin and Henri, two friends from engineering school, decided to create Urban Circus, the first brand that combines style and fun and also saves lives.  According to Henri,

“we are religious riders, always on our bikes, skateboards or scooters. We would always hear people complain about the lack of clothing that can be stylish while providing security. So, one day, we DECIDED TO act, by becoming creators of high visibility apparel.”

This is how Urban Circus was born, the first brand that reduces the risk of accidents on the road by 70 percent.

SN: How can you be sure that this jacket will bring you security and high visibility?

UC: Easy, it is certified! The jacket is approved by the European certification NF EN 1150 ruling protective clothing – visibility clothing for non-professional use. This certification means that on its reflective side, the jacket has sufficient reflective and fluorescent material to manifest the presence of a user under any lighting condition, by day or under the artificial light by night.

SN: How does Urban Circus improve visibility during the day?

UC: Under daylight, the polyester fabric, which is tainted with specific pigments, captures the invisible UV light emitted by the sun and reflects it through visible light. Therefore, the material seems more colorful which raises its visibility during the day and under low natural light (cloud cover, fog, dusk, dawn, etc). The efficiency of the material is also better when associated with contrasting fabric, like on our jacket.

SN: What about the night? How does it make riders safer?

UC: At night, retroreflective material (its scientific name) returns light in the direction of the light’s source. This technology combines encapsulated glass beads with a prismatic technology, making it possible to send the light back to its transmitter (a vehicle driver for example) from any angle.

SN: Why did you launch your Kickstarter Campaign?

UC: We launched a Kickstarter campaign to provide all the advantages of Kickstarter without its drawbacks! The jackets are already in preproduction; therefore, you are guaranteed to receive your product with FREE DELIVERY. We cover all the shipping charges in Canada and make sure they remain minimal internationally.

SN: How can riders access Urban Circus?

UC: Check out our Kickstarter Campaign (get the early bird promo now), and join us on Facebook or Instagram.