Understanding & Building Relationships with your Mobile Customers

Happy Women with Smart Phone and Shopping Bags. Photo: William Perugini

Keep up with your on-the-go audience

Mobile searchers are your customers. They shop, research and buy in real time and on the move, now faster than ever. In fact, half of all smartphone usage in Canada is done shopping and searching outside of the home1. Even in-store, 41% of Canadians look up product information, 37% compare prices, and 29% look up product reviews.

Mobile search influences throughout the consumer buying process

Microsoft Research and IPSOS, a market research firm, led an in-depth study with global mobile users to understand how smartphones influence the consumer’s path to purchase. We found that consumers rely on their mobile devices throughout all the stages of this process.

70% of mobile conversions happen within five hours of mobile search

This shortened conversion cycle reflects the added urgency of mobile searches.1 Whether a phone call, store visit or purchase, mobile users are ready to act immediately.

See how customers use their smartphones during a purchase decision:

  • Shop: Looking for a product or service.
  • Share: Getting input from friends, family or social media.
  • Navigate: Route-finding to the store.
  • Purchase: Buying the product or service.
  • Evaluate: Giving feedback about their purchase.

Campaign strategies to reach mobile consumers

  • Add your phone number.
    Put a clickable number in your ads with Call Extensions, to make it easy for customers to call you.
  • Target smartphones and tablets.
    Set bids to auto-adjust when your ads have a chance to appear in front of a mobile customer.
  • Focus on location.
    With mobile targeted advertising, you define the geographic location where your ads will appear. With Location Extensions, you can help nearby customers easily find you.
  • Be mobile-friendly.
    Make your website look and work well on smaller, touch-screen devices.

Mobile advertising with Bing Ads lets you be there to influence a shopper’s decisions in their “mobile moment.”

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