Boston’s Call to Canadian Tech Companies

PHOTO: via Shutterstock

It makes sense why companies like ExpertFile were able to thrive in a place like Boston. Boston is an information and communications hub with a high concentration of software and hardware firms.

ExpertFile is an online search engine company that works to discover and connect industry experts to media and event opportunities, creating new visibility and opportunity for these individuals. The Toronto company is making important connections in Canada and across the border with offices in San Francisco and Washington.

“There has never been a more critical need for credible sources in journalism today. At the same time, organizations must ensure their experts and content are discoverable and accessible to media”, says founder and CEO, Peter Evans.

ExpertFile traveled to Boston in 2016 to participate in the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) program, an initiative developed by Global Affairs Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service. Through this program they have been able to reach incredible milestones as a company which have allowed them to make connections like never before.

Just one year after participating in the program’s cohort in Boston, the company partnered with The Associated Press, making their online search engine available to newsrooms and journalists.

“This collaboration allows us to connect newsrooms around the world to fresh, qualified expert sources”,  shares Evans, founder and CEO of ExpertFile. Vice President of Business Development at The Associated Press, Fernando Ferre, agrees. “Working with ExpertFile helps us provide greater and faster access to credible sources and their content”.

The company has also secured a partnership with Dejero to create a seamless way to share video through Dejero’s cloud based system.

Advancements and opportunities like these became possible for ExpertFile through the CTA program as companies in the program are put into close proximity with large organizations, facilitating collaboration and partnerships that create close connections and big business moves.

Oh, If Walls Could Talk

The Boston CTA program offers a residence at Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in Kendall Square. Boston’s home to great entrepreneurs and over two thousand technology companies. This coworking space has housed some of the biggest technology companies that we know today. In 2005, Google Android worked at CIC until their team outgrew the space.

The CTA Boston program is looking for small Canadian companies in the digital and life science sectors with committed senior management to experience meaningful mentorship relationships with C-level executives, serial entrepreneurs and angel investors.

“One of their introductions resulted in a partnership with one of the largest media distribution players in the world,” said ExpertFile’s Peter Evans on his experience with the program’s mentors and networking opportunities.

CTA is accepting applications for the 2018 cohort until January 10, 2018. To participate in the Boston program,  applicants must have:

  • Traction in the marketplace (Typical participants have at least $1 M in revenue and/or investment);
  • Run by a solid executive team with advisory boards;
  • Ready to talk with potential partners;
  • Fast growth rate;
  • Financial resources for time spent in-market; and,
  • Life Sciences: Meet all criteria except revenue. Must be Post-seed.

In 2016, the Boston CTA program was awarded as Accelerator Program of the Year by the International Business Innovation Association, taking Canadian companies like ExpertFile and placing them exactly where they need to be for new growth and opportunities.

“We raised additional angel investment in Boston while enrolled in the program and the program mentors were amazing”. “If you are lucky enough to be selected for the CTA make sure you get your company to Boston,” encourages Peter Evans, founder and CEO of ExpertFile.

Canadian companies who meet the criteria are required to apply by January 10, 2018 on the CTA website here.