Startup Calgary – Building an Entrepreneurial Canada

    Startup Calgary | 2014 Recipient of the Startup Canada Community of the Year Award

    “Failing is part of the journey, your response to failure impacts your future.”

    Founded in 2010, Startup Calgary is one of Canada’s most established startup communities with a team passionate about advocating for and providing a collective voice for the entrepreneurial movement reshaping Calgary. Startup Calgary’s raison d’être is to inspire and welcome people into its community by facilitating collisions of diverse people, ideas and skills.

    To better serve the city’s early stage entrepreneurs and strengthen the innovation ecosystem, Startup Calgary became part of Calgary Economic Development in 2017.

    By partnering with the best resources in and outside of Calgary, Startup Calgary fosters startups, connects founders, and supports the local business community to grow with programming, events, and initiatives.

    Startup Calgary provides its members with connections to fully equipped coworking spaces through various workshops and networking events. It also provides speaking events that help get its members into the entrepreneurial mindset, varying from discussions on AI to wellbeing.

    Startup News had the opportunity to sit down with Startup Calgary’s Executive Director, Kari Gordon.

    SN: What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

    KG: Bootstrapping! Approaching a problem and creating a solution using limited resources is an exhilarating  experience.

    SN: What is the biggest lesson you have learned to date?

    KG: Failing is part of the journey, your response to failure impacts your future.

    SN: What advice do you have to those starting up today?

    KG: Know your customer and their pain point.

    SN: What is the one thing we need to do as a nation, today, to position Canada as a global innovation and entrepreneurial leader?

    KG: Adapt the school curriculum from elementary to post secondary to prepare for and foster exponential growth, skills and mindset.  

    SN: What is your message to the world?

    KG: Embrace disruption.

    SN: How have you benefited from being a recipient of the Startup Canada Awards?

    KG: The award added strength to the foundation of Startup Calgary and the core objectives.