Clearbanc – Driving Innovation Through Entrepreneurship

    2017 Recipient of the Startup Canada Innovation Award

    The people you surround yourself with have the biggest impact on your success and happiness.”

    Launched in 2015, Clearbanc provides transparent financial services to entrepreneurs, freelancers and contractors who need capital to grow their business.

    Unlike traditional financial institutions with extensive collateral requirements, Clearbanc gathers data from platforms that process online payments such as Airbnb and Uber to provide loans to entrepreneurs.

    Since its launch, Clearbanc has gained 20,000 clients and invested almost $10 Million US Dollars to grow businesses in North America. Clearbanc is on a mission to make funding simple and accessible for everyone.

    Startup News had the opportunity to sit down with Andrew D’Souza, Co-Founder and CEO of Clearbanc.

    SN: What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

    AD: I wanted to work with people who I respected and enjoyed spending time with. I wanted to work on problems I find interesting and challenging.

    SN: What is the biggest lesson you have learned to date? 

    AD: The people you surround yourself with have the biggest impact on your success and happiness.

    SN: What advice do you have to those starting up today?

    AD: Don’t force it. Find a problem you’re really excited about and a group of people that you are equally excited to work with, before jumping into a start-up.

    SN: What is the one thing we need to do as a nation, today, to position Canada as a global innovation and entrepreneurial leader?

    AD: We need to celebrate the wins of Canadian entrepreneurs and celebrate them and the teams behind them.

    SN: What is your vision for the next 150 years?

    AD: Canada’s transition from a resources economy to a knowledge and innovation economy, fuelled by our talent and expertise in AI, machine learning and blockchain technologies.

    SN: What is your message to the world?

    AD: Life is too short to not enjoy what you’re doing and who you are doing it with. Figure out how to make your life’s work fun and energizing.

    SN: How have you benefited from being a recipient of the Startup Canada Awards?

    AD: The exposure has been great, especially for our recruiting efforts.