How Understanding Human Behaviour Can Help You Hire the Best Candidates


Ben Baldwin – ClearFit, Toronto, ON

In this video, we talked with Ben Baldwin, Co-Founder of ClearFit, a Toronto-based startup that helps companies find job applicants and predict who will succeed as the best fit for the role.

He speaks about today’s key hiring trends and what companies and candidates need to consider when recruiting and interviewing. For example, technology can help you manage the hiring process and save time, but when it comes down to making a final decision, that’s where human behaviour comes into play.

He shares tips on how to conduct effective interviews and how to read and understand behaviours to determine who will be the best fit for your company.

He outlines some of the top mistakes companies make when hiring, and shares tips on how to avoid falling into those same pitfalls. He speaks from experience as ClearFit itself has tripled its size in a mere three months and so had to make sure they were making the right hiring decision for their own growth.

Last, he offers some insight on key lessons he’s seen companies learn from the hiring process. Above all, he says, you need to get your hiring done right because your team is what will make or break your company.

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This video was produced by Startup Canada as part of a joint campaign with Intuit Canada to support small business owners and entrepreneurs across Canada in accessing the knowledge and tools they need for better hiring practices and to support the success and growth of their companies. Stay tuned to PIVOT for more conversations with key players and experts in hiring and small business human resources. Also, check out Intuit’s new Google+ page for links to essential hiring and payroll resources and tools.