Business Intelligence is Just a Qlik Away


By JON MacDONALD  |  PIVOT Magazine Writer & Owner of Magic Maker

A business is a complicated entity. There can be information overload if one tries to imagine and interpret all the factors of a company.  The key to business intelligence is knowing how to sift through the seemingly infinite data and analyze only key relevant factors. Untangling the data is the tricky part, usually left to a highly trained and specialized team of IT experts. Thanks to a company called Qlik, a modern solution to business intelligence (BI) is available to entreprenuers. Qlik understands utilizing BI is important in all stages of a business, from the startups to the enterprises and they offer a business intelligence solution which is accessible, easy to understand, and the best of all: entirely free.

Qlik’s main purpose is to offer a self- service BI software which is intuitive, relevant, and beneficial to startups and enterprises alike. Their software Qlikview allows users to visualize critical data in a way never seen before. Qlikview is vibrant, adaptable, and social, meaning you can share interesting finds easily with your colleagues.  As an added bonus it comes equipped with free training and a community of over 100,000 members to help you get started. Qlik has made it so accessible they eliminated all excuses for a startup not to try it, and when the startup does, they will not be disappointed.

“We help companies make sense of the massive amounts of data and information they are gathering. We help pull it all together into one place where the user can explore and make insights to improve performance” says Troy Anderson, VP of Global Inside Sales for Qlik

Often Startups do not realize they too can have access to the same powerful tools as the enterprises do.  Qlikview is a free and powerful solution to help a startup explore their incoming data. “Startups track things like new signups, new app downloads, but increasingly one of the new key components to track is customer satisfaction,” says Troy Anderson. Knowing your numbers, your customers, what’s working and what’s not are a few of the key elements to reducing headache in the early years of a startup. By training yourself to utilize the key data points early on, and keeping them in a reliable and intuitive format within Qlikview, the information can become the well needed leverage for growth.

 “Qlik enables you to explore your data freely. All you have to do is ‘Qlik’, and follow your intuition.” – Troy Anderson

Qlikview is a great system to grow with. What it can tell you about your business will become one of the most valuable assets within the company, and utilized efficiently can be the boost a startup needs to really sink its teeth into success. Many startups and small/medium businesses would not have the resources in place to build a dedicated team for business intelligence. Without BI a company is simply building their bridge without the blueprints. Qlik offers the blueprints a company needs to make sure their bridge is built efficiently and effectively. Their extensive software packages allow a business to gain flexibility in how it interprets, distributes, and understands its crucial key data, and the software options expand as the company grows.  The earlier you start analysing the information your company is taking in, the sooner the rewards you can reap. It is time to start exploring your startups data as soon as possible, and just remember, business intelligence is just a Qlik away.