Petrofeed Makes Data Interesting



Petrofeed is a Calgary based startup focused on creating a highly stylized and easy to interpret data feed for a complex and mysterious entity: The oil and gas industry. In a business world filled with sharp cornered briefcases, freshly pressed business suits, and firm handshakes, Petrofeed is a breath of not so serious air. The Petrofeed website is colourful, well designed, and easy to navigate and use. They have created a powerful toolkit of useful data information for oil and gas professionals and wrapped it in a candy coating of sweet sensations that make it accessible to anyone interested. It is data done right, and it provides an interesting insight into the tools we use in our daily work environments.

The world of data displaying and analyzing is still, for the most part, stuck in a very flat and boring visual field. Endless streams of excel sheets and mind numbing digits and formulas fill up countless hours in the energy sector. As Petrofeed CEO Ashley Dunfield explains, “It’s as if the majority of the oil and gas industry is still dealing with Dark Age Technology”.

Petrofeed put useful data into the hands of creative minds, and created a system which is intuitive, useful, captivating and easy to understand.   By implementing great design and a powerful system, Petrofeed has made analyzing data less painful, and much more interesting and collaborative.

“Current social media is designed as the perfect collaboration medium”, says Dunfield.  “We want to create a system in the oil and gas industry that is just as intuitive”.

Petrofeed’s intuitive mapping platform functions very much like a social media website.  The user can view profile pages of rigs, follow their activities, and there’s even a mobile app available.   It shows work can be fun, informative, and useful.

“Work culture is changing, and you can have fun and play while working.” acknowledges Dunfield.  “We have lots of fun working at Petrofeed, but we also put in lots of hours. It is important to us to find that balance in the work place.”

Petrofeed wants to change how we visualize our data, and they make a compelling case:  By  creating an environment that embraces new technology, uses intuitive tools, and allows for readily accessible information, we are sure to find employees who are engaged and focused on their tasks at hand. Rethinking how we visualize, manipulate, and utilize our data in every industry is a key component to sustainable growth and progress in the Canadian workforce.

Ashley Dunfield and the team at Petrofeed are working to create tools which anyone would enjoy using.  They have taken data that was flat, and underwhelming to most, and made it interesting, one oil rig at a time.

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