How to Go From Outside to Inside the Tech Sectors



 As technology develops, our ideas and strategies evolve as well. Between creating the next smart phone, the next Software as a Service (SaaS) company, the next electric car, or the next useful gadget, tech is a big part of everyday life, whether we realize it or not.

Some people feel the tech sector has nothing to offer them, or they have nothing to offer the tech sector.   Here’s why I think they’re wrong on both accounts.

Last month I attended the Discover Tectoria event in Victoria, BC, hosted by the Victoria Advanced Technology Council (VIATeC).  The event was hugely successful, attracting over 4,500 people, 70 exhibitors, and featured great presenters throughout the day. What was unexpected, at least for me, was the wide variety of attendees. They varied from elementary/ high school students, and young entrepreneurs, business people and venture capitalists. Some people in attendance had no interest in technology; they just wanted to see new things.  In short, the people who went to Discover Tectoria were not your typical techies.

The potential to attract such a varied and diverse crowd is exactly what makes the tech sector so interesting. In many ways they are the driving force behind the future of our economy, creating the types of jobs and companies which many of the young people in attendance will fill in the future.

The companies on display at Discover Tectoria were also different in nature, from highly technical to people simply solving an everyday problem with the help of the Internet. Technology no longer means just one thing, now everyone can feel more comfortable getting inside the tech sector world.

Events like Discover Tectoria, Startup Canada’s Day on the Hill, and other local Startup events around Canada offer exciting new sources of information and opportunities for almost everyone. Talent is always wanted and good ideas are never thrown away. Even people who are less technical and more creative there are opportunities such as graphic design and content creation. For someone with people skills, sales and marketing are also in demand at many tech companies.  Because of their focus on innovation, creativity and an appreciation for those who stray off the beaten path, the tech sector presents nearly limitless possibilities.

It’s now evident technology sectors will be one of the most influential industries in the coming years. Canadians must realize the importance of fostering these companies at a national and local level.  Next time there’s a tech event near you, drop by and have a look around. There’s lots to learn, fun to be had, and if you’re already involved in the industry sector, say “Hello” to someone who looks a little wary and show them all the about all the amazing opportunities the tech sector has to offer.

Sonia is a freelance writer, editor, and Founder of Maple Leaf Editing. Her interests range from travel to tech to politics to arts and culture and she’s always looking for an interesting story.



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