BizOn Creates a Community for Entrepreneurs to Buy & Sell Businesses



Toronto based entrepreneur Nunzio Presta co-founded BizOn as a way to simplify the process of buying and selling a business.

Presta began his startup journey as a semi-pro hockey player.  When he decided to move on from sports and go back to school, he was drawn to business and entrepreneurship programs.  Soon after, he co-founded the Fame & Rumor clothing line.

Presta found entrepreneurship evoked the same passion, excitement, and motivational drive that he experienced in sports.  “I loved identifying opportunities and seeing my visions turn into something real. This is what made me realize entrepreneurship was my calling”.

After three years of building Fame & Rumor, Presta was hungry for his next adventure, and started searching for avenues to sell the business.  What he found was websites overrun by advertising and services that didn’t want to deal with companies valued under $1 million. “It made me fear that I would not be able to find another entrepreneur capable of taking over the business I had worked hard to launch” says Presta.

But part of being an entrepreneur is the ability to identify a need and seize opportunities. That’s exactly what Presta did. He and two co-founders started BizOn to simplify the process of buying and selling businesses.  After 18 months of hard work and building the right team BizOn officially launched on Feb 13, 2014.

BizON is an online community which connects general business people looking to buy or sell a business, franchisors looking for qualified business developers, and professional agents such as lawyers, realtors and business brokers looking to buy or sell a business for a client. The biggest challenge for BizOn was to find a way to create a community which satisfied the needs of these three client groups.  It sounds complicated, but BizOn’s team has found a way to successfully integrate these elements and create an online service as easy to use as posting your old couch on Kijiji.

What is most appealing for entrepreneurs is the choices BizOn offers.  If you’re interested in owning your own business but do not want to start from the ground up or buy a franchise,  BizOn gives you options. Also entrepreneurs ready to move on to a new venture can find the right person to take over a previous business.  Let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to give up your “baby” to just anyone.

“Owning your own business or selling a business you worked so hard to create can be an extremely rewarding feeling and we plan to create that feeling for you”  says Presta.  “Everyone should have the opportunity to wake up in the morning with a passion and purpose for what they do and BizON can be the outlet to help you achieve this goal”.

Being connected to entrepreneurial ecosystem is extremely important and rewarding for new startups. BizOn is one of Startup Canada’s 1000 Startups and when asked what he enjoys most about being part of Startup Canada, Nunzio replied, “Having the opportunity to connect with all the great people working at 1000 Startups.  I have had the opportunity to promote myself, my business and truly connect with people that have given me great feedback and motivation. This article was created out of the care and integrity of people like Victoria, Jana, Leah, Edwin, Kayli, Mindy, Deborah and all the other great people at 1000 Startups and Startup Canada and I am truly grateful for this”.

Congratulations from all of us at PIVOT and Startup Canada!

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