Kristin’s Gifts Inc.: The Basic Principle of Demand and Supply



Some of the best ideas develop when an entrepreneur can spot a way to improve on an existing product or service. The opportunity to inject new life whilst putting your personality into the mix, have led to great success for many. This is exactly what one Montreal based business has done, spotting an opportunity to improve the stationery market by adding learning, creativity and a touch of fun for the kid and the kid at heart.

Based in Montreal, Kristin’s Gifts Inc. is a female owned business that was incorporated in 2012 by CEO and Founder, Kristina Boudaeva. The business designs and manufactures unique stationery products and children educational activities such as journals and note pads under its WAFF line of products with Costco, Target and Home Hardware as some of its clients. “My mission is to create products that are beautiful in design and that encourage children and adults to be creative, draw pictures, create characters, take notes and keep journals – a world of endless creativity” says Boudaeva.

Kristina was always resourceful and with that oh so entrepreneurial spirit, at t the age of 11, she started her own little business selling bubble gum and candy to kids in the school yard. Even at that young age she understood the basic principle of demand and supply before you know it, the kids were ‘eating it up’ and business was booming. “My parents got scared discovering my entrepreneurial spirit and school venture with a pile of cash – I had to pull the plug” says Boudaeva.

Russian born, Kristina moved to Canada at age of 17. She brought her resourcefulness with her and was again able to spot a gap in the market. “As a mother of two boys, I noticed how little is available in the stationery market to encourage human creativity”.

Kristina then made a bold move; she quit her secured government job as program analyst to launch the WAFF line of products inspired by contemporary design, fun colors and imagination.

Kristina takes a no non-sense approach when it comes to business. She is a realist and knows that sometimes one must keep your head in the game by removing some of the emotional attachments that might impede growth and development. “You have to believe in yourself 200%. Sales and customers do not lie. Do not fall in love with you products/services, if it does not work, kill it/burn it and start something new.” Says Kristina.

Who knows, that next bright idea might be staring you in the face ‘THE ONE’ you’ve been waiting for.

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  • Tina Brooks Âû

    I am proud to call Kristina my friend. You have truly captured her business acumen and driving spirit in this story.